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Club Member Awards

Club members are reconginzed and awarded through the club, National Organization and by the College of Agruclture Sciences and Natural Resources.  We are very proud of our members and their accomplishments. 

CASNR Awards Reception

Congratulations to all of our Block & Bridle students and faculty that received awards at the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources awards reception!


CASNR Outstanding Students

Freshman: Amanda Young
Sophomore: Abigayle Pollock
Junior: Ross Sneed

Senior: Katilyn Lewter

Animal Science Outstanding Students:

Freshman: Amanda Young

Sophomore: Kristen Brown 

Junior: Chris Johnson

Senior: John Grant

The Armistead Award in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources:
McKenzie Kimbrough

W.F. & Golda Moss Outstanding Teaching Awards
Less than Ten Years of Service:
Dr. Jason Smith

More than Ten Years of Service:
Dr. Cheryl Kojima

W.S. Overton Faculty Award of Merit:
Dr. Mike Smith

Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award:
Dr. Neal Schrick

National Scrapbook Contest

National Block and Bridle Convention is not only a time for members to connect with industry leaders and learn more about the animal industry, but also a time for some friendly competition. National Convention holds numerous competitions  each year including Chapter Scrapbook, Chapter Web Page, and Chapter Yearbook. This year, our chapter is pleased to announce we won second place in the Chapter Scrapbook competition! Congratulations to our Reporters Katilyn Lewter and Katlyn Hardin on all their hard work!

Animal Science Department Awards

We believe in recognizing volunteers, students and faculty members who dedicate hours of serivce to the club. Each year at the Animal Science Department banquet we give out our club awards. This years awards were presented to Outstanding Students, and an Honorary Member.


Award Winners 

Outstanding Freshmen: Amanda Young

Outstanding Sophmore: Amber Gentry

Outstanding Junior: Katilyn Lewter

Outstanding Senior: Kristen Clements

Outstanding Club Member: John Grant

Honorary Member: Lacey Johnston

Distinguished Alumni Award: Dr. Dwight Loveday

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