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The Block and Bridle National Convention gives college students a multitude of oppotunities to network and learn new things about the agricultural industry throughout the country. This spring, 12 of our members we're able to attend the National Block and Bridle Convention in Arlington, Virginia. Representatives were Aaron Loy, Lane Davis, Kristen Walker, Kyla-Jo Farmer, Abigayle Pollock, Amber Gentry, Emily Haskew, Caroline Davis, Dustie Strasser, John Robert Snoddy, Ross Sneed, Samantha Hull, and John Grant. These students were able to sight-see around Washington and also get a different perspective on agriculture through local tours at an alpaca and oyster farm. The club took home a second place plaque for their entry in the scrapbook competition. Stay tuned for details as they become available for next year's 98th convention held in Florida! 

Members at the Washington Monument enjoying the all the tourist hotspots

Our members took a tour of this oyster farm

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